Movie Trailer and Sneak Peak Website

Site Details:

  • Description: Visitors come to the website and watch movie trailers which are streamed directly from youtube. The website is completely wordpress based and adding new videos is very simpe (just like writing a regular blogpost in wordpress)

Traffic: Analytics PDF

  • Site Started: August 25, 2009.
  • Total Pageviews: 4,211
  • Total Unique Visitors: 1,490

Search Engine Details:

  • Pages in Google: 61
  • Pages in Yahoo: 21
  • Backlinks in Yahoo: 132
  • Rankings: Currently on page 1 in google for "free online films"

Earnings: CPALead Earnings | Adsense Earnings

  • Description: The site uses two different sources for revenue, CPALead and Adsense. Adsense is displayed on each page and a CPALead gateway comes up for users to complete before they watch the videos.
  • Adsense Impressions: 3,627
  • Adsense Clicks: 8
  • Adsense Revenue: $2.81
  • CPALead Clicks: 371
  • CPALead Leads: 71
  • CPALead Revenue: $56.23
  • CPALead Conversion Ratio: 19%

Other Details:

  • Site has been submitted to a number of dofollow social bookmarks
  • Site has had some articles published
  • Site has backlinks from other sites and blog comments
  • No money has been spent on advertising/marketing

Duties of the new Owner:

  • Continue adding more movies to the database
  • Continue link building for more search engine traffic

Included with the Sale:

  • Domain name registered with GoDaddy and good until 2010
  • All website files, images, content...etc
  • Any extra help the buyer may need if they run into questions

Starting Bid: $100
BIN: $750