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    First month Free 1U Colo Special + Dedicated Options

    Servercentral is proud to launch another special.


    ServerCentral is proud to bring another great colo offer.

    1U of Colocation + 1mbps for $149 a month
    2U of Colocation + 1mbps for $199 a month
    First Month Free, 3 month commit

    We also have wholesale hardware options, dedictated servers and more.

    P4 1.8 ghz Server
    512MB RAM
    40GB 7200 RPM Seagate IDE HDD
    1mbps of Bandwidth
    $299 a month no setup fee
    First month Free , 3 month commit

    For any questions please contact [email protected] or

    Here are our current carriers

    2x GigE to Internap
    2x GigE to Verio
    1x GigE to Peer1
    2x GigE to Aleron
    2x GigE to Yipes

    About Us:

    Our 100% fiber optic network is completely fault-tolerant and redundant. Through the design and implementation of our network, we offer the reliability, performance, and scalability required to maintain 100% uptime. Route Optimization through BGP4 (Border Gate Protocol) technology allows the traffic to your site to travel more efficiently by finding the best route for data to travel. On a typical server the traffic always takes the same route from client to server. BGP protocol repeatedly locates the most efficient route and carrier between client and server. All customer colocation and dedicated servers are provided exclusively at Equinix Datacenters. ( Security includes 5 layers of biometric palm scanners to enter and leave the facility, over 600 video cameras with 30 day digital recording, along with kevlar floors and walls. Our primary datacenter in Chicago, IL offers N+1 Redundant UPS Systems backed up by 6 250 kW Onan/Cummins diesel generators with 36 hours of fuel. Redundant fiber optic cross-connects to diverse routers ensure 100% uptime.

    Once again any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected] or


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    1U of Colocation + 1mbps for $149 a month
    How is the 1mbps measured? 95 percentile or 300 is gb/month?

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