I'm looking for a part-time job, preferrably with companies who constantly have a lot of tickets. Pay can be as low as $5/hr as long as there are always tickets to answer.

- Experience working with cPanel/WHM software (root, reseller, client levels) in a multi-server environment, offering support to shared and reseller clients/sites.
- Experience working with: CPanel/WHM, Apache (1.x,2.x) and various Apache modules, PureFTPD, Exim, MySQL, DNS (BIND), OpenSSH, PHP, Frontpage, Mailman, IMAP, SSL (mod_ssl), cron, etc.
- Experience offering support in multiple mediums, such as email, support tickets, and livechat.
- Experience offering shared and reseller support for software, configuration, hardware issues, as well as assisting clients with script installs, errors, service issues and configuration questions with the common software on web servers (such as FTP, email, frontpage, HTML and basic web site design, ownership & permissions, etc.).
- Experience in shell on the command line, using all the common tools and protocols, including basic networking using TCP/IP.
- Experience with security issues, firewalls, etc.
- Compiling / recompiling apache/php, mysql, php modules (easyapache/pear/pecl), etc.
- Backing up / restoring accounts, performing OS reloads, etc.

I'm willing to provide up to 2 weeks of free trial service. Please pm, post here or email [email protected] for any questions.