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    DNS Troubles please help!

    hello all,

    I am also having an issue with DNS as well i use the below command and get a error

    -bash-3.00# wget
    => `latest'
    Resolving failed: Host not found.
    I have tried manually editing the

    nano /etc/resolv.conf
    with the following name servers

    it may be worth mentioning i am running the very latest of everything from CentOS to cPanel/WHM.

    and while it resolves the issue as soon as i restart the server it goes back to what it was before i editied the config file.

    How do i sort this out, it been driving me mad now for over a week.

    Warmest Regards

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    check if /etc/host.conf contains the following -

    order hosts,bind
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    Yes indeed it does.

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    Is it the firewall blocking traffic on your VPS ?

    To make the changes to resolv.conf permanent, you have to add it to the VE configuration file at /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/<VEID>.conf

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    Ok now for another issue related to DNS, Everytime i install a website in my cPanel i see the follwing page when i visit the site in my web browser.

    Great Success !
    Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server
    Could anyone tell me why i am seeing this and not my website directory.

    Warmest Regards

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    This means that your DNS are set properly and it seems there might be problem with the apache conf file related to the virtual entry.
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    There will be definitely something wrong in the Virtualhost entry of your site.

    Can i see the Virtualhost entry of this site.

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