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    Backup option on a WHM/cPanel server

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to get feedback on my backup options.

    Running a dedicated server (hosts primarily a vBulletin powered site) using WHM/cPanel.

    I have access to a 10GB NAS for backups as well as using offsite backups. The offsite backups are paid on a GB/month storage and GB/month transfer rate so that will impact how much data I can send offsite.

    My backup options are
    WHMs automated backup option
    WHM has automated backup option that I can backup an account with (backups up logs, MYSQL DB and files). However this backup is around 6.5GB in size atm. The one problem I have with this is that it doesn't shut the site down while it does the MYSQL dump.

    Customised backup script for account files/MYSQL DB
    For daily backups I was intending on using a custom script that will shut the forum down, do the MYSQL dump, open it back up and then gzip all the files & MYSQL DB. It will also create a daily rotation. The combined files/MYSQL backup is around 2GB.

    So the question is, do I need to run the WHM backups daily? Or should I just run them weekly with my custom script daily? My most valuable data is the MYSQL DB and account files. After that I would like to have all the log files incase I need to diagnose anything later on.


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    I would say run them daily for double security.

    Better be safe then sorry.


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    Agreed. Run them at opposite times of day, like CP at 1AM and the DB backup script at 1PM or something like that. Can't have too many backups.
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    Thanks for that. I might copy both the WHM & custom script backups to the NAS daily but only send the custom backup scrips to the remote backup (daily) as I'm paying for that per GB transferred.

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    Plus for the previous authors - it is impossible to have 'too much' backups)

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