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    System Administrator Needed/FreeBSD/Lighttpd/Zabbix

    Hello - I have an ecommerce software and hosting business. We currently have about 40 FreeBSD boxes and a couple windows boxes. I am looking to hire someone experienced to help me manage the servers. We have a lot of automation , monitoring, and health/healing scripts and it doesn't take too much of my time. But having lost my last sysadmin, I like the assurance of knowing someone else is there Please only apply if you have solid experience in:

    FreeBSD - inside and out
    Performance Tuning - you must love to tweak and monitor to get the most juice out of hardware, and understand all aspects of this.
    MySQL - including master/master and master/slave setup
    Mangement and setup of Zabbix
    Custom kernels
    Load Balancing
    Lighthttpd and FastCGI
    Perl and PHP
    Backup and recovery strategies

    We are planning on expanding greatly in 2010 w/ our own "cloud" based ecommerce hosting. You will be a part in building this network infrastructure.

    I am looking for a long term partner here. Someone to grow with a fast moving company that will be with us for the long run. Location isn't important, but trust is very important. Ideally you'll have a few references I can call.

    Please reply with a PM.


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    Are you interested in any companies? or are you looking for an individual?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven View Post
    Are you interested in any companies? or are you looking for an individual?
    I can recommend Steven, he is the best.

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    definitely open to companies - i think that will give better coverage and be more cost effective. Please PM me. Thanks!

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    I also recommend Steven - he is truly a fantastic systems administrator.
    Justin Yancey | Northern Virginia & District of Columbia |

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    I have sent you PM.

    Thank you
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    On a Speck!!!!!

    I have send you a PM.


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    Cloud computing and FreeBSD ? No way !

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    Hope you got our PM

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    PM sent to you. Thanks
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    PM sent - thank you!

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