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  1. #1 Very Early Review

    I have just signed up with 6sync and wanted to share my experience so far.

    VPS and webhosting in general is pretty new to me so i did some research to find a suitable host. My preference was for a smaller company since i find there focus on customer service many times is more personal.

    And i was right! I am still in the early stages of getting everything setup but 6sync has been both quick to respond and very helpful. I have a feeling i will have to bother them a fair bit considering my "newbie" status but i have the feeling they will be there to help.

    I signed up for the "mini" package using a coupon code i found in the offers forum. This package with Direct Admin and a script installer is about $30.00 a month. Very reasonable in my books.

    I plan to update this review as i go along. I have ordered to extra ip's and just waiting for those to be setup for me then i'm ready to go.


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    Thanks for the review.

    Could you tell us a domain you have hosted with this company? If you don't want to post it in the forum, you can use the Report button to send it to the helpdesk. This is a standard request to verify that the review is based on first-hand experience.


    Do you have a WHT question or concern? Please open a helpdesk ticket.

    "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have." Theodore Roosevelt

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    Always good to hear of good service from a provider. Keep us updated in case they change.

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    Not a big fan of reviews less then 3 months (yeah yeah I'm a broken record!) but initial impressions/previews are fine. = )

    6sync is one of the hosts on my short list to give a whirl, maybe the next time they have a great promotion I'll bite. From my contacts with them I have walked away with a good initial impression.

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    Thanks for sharing the initial impressions. Hope your first impressions will be maintained as best impressions in future also. Keep us updated as you said. Don't forget to report the domain. A verified review has got a more value here

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    Don't you have a reseller account at innohosting?

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    I did briefly, however just canceled and switched to 6sync. Hence my "very early review". I have reported my domain name for verification as was requested.


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    Glad to see the happy customers review. Thanks for sharing with all.
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