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    [EU] Looking for a unmanaged server, 60 a month.

    I am Looking for a host to run eDonkey p2p network indexing server - hxxp://
    Location in Europe (preferably the Netherlands, Sweden or other loyal to p2p filesharing countries). Not in North America.
    Allowed to run edonkey p2p-network server. (The server will not contain warez files, only file-hash indexing).
    It is desirable to run OpenVPN.
    RAM =>2Gb.
    CPU =>2GHz Dual-Core or 3Ghz Single-Core.
    HDD => 75Gb.
    Bandweight - 1-2Tb/month on 100 Mbps port.
    Only one IP-address.
    Ability to remotely reboot.
    Control Panel, backup, RAID, and other additional services - no needed.
    Price - 60 a month.

    I have carefully reviewed the forum, but so far found only leaseweb & giga-international meet my needs. Maybe someone will tell the alternatives?

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    well, if you have reviewed the forum, the best suggestion would be to contact the hosts which you are intrested in, and ask for a quote + explain your needs. - Managed Hosting Solutions 2004 - 2016

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    I think it can be hard to find something with that specification in sweden, think you need to go up to around a 100 Euro to be able to do that.. i'm not so in to the swedish market but that's from what i have read on the forums. The only host i know that has english website and support in sweden is

    In the netherlands it should be possible to find what your are looking for, have you checked with, they have what your are looking for and it fits well with your budget!

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