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    Looking for someone to take over my hosting biz

    Im looking for someone to take over my hosting biz.

    have 8 clients.

    4 paid annually (10 months remaining)
    2 paid semi-annually (4/months remaining and 6 months remaining)
    1 paid quarterly (3 months remaining)
    1 paid monthly (3 weeks remaining)


    3 are on a specials plan at $5/month for 5GB bw, and 100MB space
    (1 monthly, 1 semi annual, 1 quarterly)

    1 is on a big plan, $17.50/month for 10GB transfer and 800MB web space (prepaid for 12 months)

    2 is on bronze plan - $5.50/month for 200MB space, 2GB/bw
    (prepaid bi-annually and annually)

    2 is on basic plan - $4/months - for 1GB bw, 100MB space
    (prepaid 6 months and 12 months)

    im going to be honest with you and say this.. .most of them are prepaid for months ahead, so you wont be making any profit for that amount of time. but you wont be making much loss either, as these customers are not using much of their bandwidth at all. only a few hundred MB in total for ALL of them over the last few months.

    heres the deal..
    Im willing to pay YOU to take care of my clients, just to cover the cost of your loss, then its your job to take good care of them so they will renew with you when the time comes. name your much would I need to pay you so you can take my clients?

    also, you must have CPANEL5, as 3 of my clients has some addon domains for their package.

    most of these clients hardly ever request support questions. only 1 of the client submit 2 requests once, and thats because my provider screwed up and went down for a day.

    I am also hosting about 20 free clients, all at 10MB space and 100MB bw /month each, if i sell this biz, i'll email them letting them know i'll no longer host them free, and if they want to continue, they'll have to sign up with the person that will buy my biz.

    another deal:
    if you havent already established a hosting biz, and want to start one, then this is a good opportunity, because I will sell my entire website, i'll basically hand over my biz to you. for around $150 . reason the low price is because you will need to service my current clients for a few more months before you can start making profit out of them.

    The site has been established for 3 months. there has been NO complaints watsoever on WHT. The site has a nice design, with order scripts, perldesk, phpbb forum installed. The site is listed on google for the keyword "affordable web hosting" and listed top for other keywords(i cannot mention otherwise you will know who I am, lol) , so you will get some traffic from them.

    im currently on a reseller plan that costs $30/month with a reliable host.

    If you want to buy my entire site/biz, you must know about hosting,(cpanel/whm) and can provide the support my clients may need. if you're a 14 year old kid looking for some extra bucks, then forget it, i wont sell it to you, I want someone serious about this biz to take over.

    I hope i have provided enough information, if you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] or reply to this thread.

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    ok i'm interested not 14 years old either but 29 have a biz all ready with happy clients and looking to expand, site is being redesigned at present should you check it out, but am certainly not here today gone tomorrow, so hopefully your clients will be able to continue a good relationship.

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    hm. im interested.
    but i'm sure you have people say that already. (the giving away clients part, not buying the business ) you gonna determine who will get it?

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    If anyone is interested in buying the whole biz, then they'll get top priority, because theres no point in keeping the site and not running the biz.

    but who gets it depends on their company, if they're reliable, and how much they offer to take my clients for...(how much i have to pay them..the lower the better)

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    if you email me, please name the price...

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    I would buy clients based on my commission plans..

    I am cpanel5 based also

    Or willing to make other deals

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    Idologic would take over your (paying) clients at no cost to you and we'd be able to work out a transition for your clients on the free plan.

    An email has been sent and please let us know if you're interested.


    p.s. we have cpanel/whm servers and I (dhabets) am not 14.... - Reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting - Friendly Customer Service - DirectAdmin - cPanel - InterWorx

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    Hello ,

    I would take them over for free , we have cpanel 5 and all the trimmings

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    Thank you to all those interested. I have found a new home for my clients.

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    at what price are you willing to sell everything? also, why are you looking at selling?

    EDIT: nevermind. some how i didn't see your last post.
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    Who won? (lost?)

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