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    Question for Web Hosts


    Do you guys think it is to late to get into the game of web hosting?

    How much money do you need?
    Let me know your thoughts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by notmove View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by notmove View Post
    Do you guys think it is to late to get into the game of web hosting?
    It's never too late, it's just not going to be as easy as it used to be.

    Quote Originally Posted by notmove View Post
    How much money do you need?
    Let me know your thoughts!
    I agree with the poster above me - start with a reseller account from a reputable company.
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    Its never late to get into it. People are always looking for a host.

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    There's plenty of room in the market. Heck, the more the internet expands the bigger the demand is.
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    You'll be fine and get a share of the market as long as you provide quality hosting service.

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    How much money do you need?
    You can start in theory with very little money, in the $20 per month range for a good quality reseller account. There are even reseller programs out there where you can resell pre-designed hosting accounts and you don't even need to pay if you don't sell anything.

    The whole trick is in the marketing and support departments, as most hosts sell basically the same thing these days. If you've got the talent for those, you've got a decent chance to grow a hosting business.

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    I think you are looking at it all wrong.

    If you look at is as 'I wonder if the market is too saturated', then it is going to be saturated.

    If you look at it as 'I am going to make this work regardless of what the competition does' then you are already setting yourself up for success.

    While yes, it might be a little bit more difficult than it was 10, 7, or even 5 years ago, it is still certainly do-able.

    You also go to remember that the top dog won't stay top dog for ever.
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    It's not too late and it will never be too late. Just be careful how to plan to move into this game though as without the proper planning... It will crush you like a bug.

    Don't mean to put you off but it's true.

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    i completely agree with the poster above me.

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