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    Arrow Can I convert my VPS in to a Shoutcast server?

    Can I convert my VPS in to a Shoutcast server? I want to install WHMSonic in the VPS

    If yes, how many 64Kbps/100Listeners accounts can be created in the following configuration?

    My VPS hosting plans run on Dual Quad-Core Xeons 2.33 Ghz (8 Core CPU's) and 12GB RAM for ultimate processing power.

    Allocated configuration is

    Raid-10 Disk Space : 100GB
    100mbps Port Bandwidth : 1000GB
    RAM : 768MB
    C-panel :YES
    Root Access :YES

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    It depends on how many VPS are located on that Node, but in general your CPU, Ram and Bandwidth usage should not be too high so I guess you can host at least 10 of those.

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    Yes as above, maybe more than 10 as not all will have 100 listeners at the same time. Try it at 10 and see how it goes. Watch the RAM though as cPanel and WHMSonic do use a lot. I have 4 ports running and 4 websites and my RAM usage is 756 MB although it varies a bit (all the ports are 24/7 at 128kbps with Auto DJ running). Cast Control uses less resources and the LITE license is only a few $ one off fee.

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    Transfer: 1000GB/mth
    Equivalent bandwidth: 3.1 Mbps

    Bandwidth usage: 64Kbps * 100 listeners, or 6.4 Mbps

    In whole numbers, you can handle zero such accounts. In more practical terms, you can handle 48 average listeners.

    If you want to do more than 48 listeners, you're going to need a lot more than 1000GB/mth of bandwidth.

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    when I was in servint before, I think, I had around 150+ users.

    just allocate 200 and see if your vps can sustain the load =D

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    I suggest a dedicated server , even if its a small one
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    I am agree with active lobby.

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    VPS is good for your own few streams but not for a business.

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    I did this last year with a VPS, very quickly we ended up with a Core2Quad Q6600 with 8GB RAM and a 147GB SAS Drive and a 5TB Bandwidth allowance.

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