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    Cost Effective Hosting Solution (Shared, Virtual, or Dedicated)


    I'm starting a new company that is e-commerce based and has a few requirements in order to run. Here's a run of the requirements we have:
    • Windows 2000 Server
    • MSSQL 2000
    • ASP.NET
    • AspQMail Component
    • ImageGlue.NET Component
    • ABC Upload.NET Component
    • 128bit SSL on our domain
    • Ability to use Verisign Payflow Pro payment gateway
    I think that pretty much covers it. Now I guess I'm wondering if it's possible to find a virtual or shared host that offers Win2000 and MSSQL as well the list of component. If they do not have the list of componenets I'd like to have the ability to have them installed on that server either for us or for everyone to take advantage of.

    Does anyone think this is not possible to do with a virtual host? I was originally going to co-locate a server with the software installed, but I'm now partnerless and would like to have a low monthly overhead until business picks up.

    Thanks for any help,

    Mark Modaressi

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    With all those needs you may want to check out
    intellec get what you pay for and you pay for what you get....

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