I would like to raise and important question: How essental do you find Customer Support in the web hosting industry?

Most people are happy to receive up-to-date and fast customer support, however they do not pay full attention to the web hosting promises about high-quality support and tend to ignore it when they receive a satisfactory level of technical service. Do you feel valued and treated personally?

In other words, what are your expectations, as a client, from the customer support of the web hosting company of your coice? How relevant to the cost of service customer support should be? How important is personal support and attendance to you as compared to speed of service, price and quality of your web site platform or domain?

Almost any web hosting company offers adequate and similar to the rest features of their own exclusive deals. Not too many firms, however, are famous for their customer support programmes, exclusive customers' offers and dedicated help desks.

Now, you could consider this as a short survey that would turn out to be extremely helpful to any hosting entity with regard to the clients' expectations about top-notch customer support.

Addressed directly to you, web hosting users and providers, what you contribute and share with all of us would be much appreciated and valued, and moreover, it would improve more or less the support offered by a signifcant proportion of the web hosting businesses in existence nowadays.

Thank you.