I ordered a reseller package about two months ago to see if hspere was something I should offer on my servers to my resellers and customers.

I wanted to test the system out and see if it would work with the services that were already in place.

Now I cancelled the account after a month of trying out the system and seeing if it was worthwhile to start offering.

But the account was never closed and Matt from the company assured me it would be closed and credited for the double billing and the next month over billing that was charged, once they ironed out all the hspere problems they were having.

However it's been about a month and a half and the account is still opened. The credits not issued and I can't seem to reach Matt or the customer service department.

I understand from the other hspere hosts in the community that they have not been having similar hspere problems to this extent.

I am wondering if anyone else has ever used Everyday Internet Solutions and if anyone else is having problems getting in touch with them? The website seems to be up and working just fine.

Please let me know, your feedback would be appriciated.