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Thread: FDC in Chicago

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    FDC in Chicago

    In the recent past, what has the quality of FDC's Chicago transit been? By recent... I'd say 18 - 24 months. I know they sucked in the past. Not interested in comments about their datacenter, just their transit.

    I already know Steadfast has a great network. I've been with them for several years for a different service.

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    From the past few reviews of FDC servers in Chicago, they seem very positive. I think they have gotten all the kinks worked out which were causing problems a while ago network wise. They also added more providers if my memory serves me right. This is just based off what I have read as obviously we aren't hosted there or anything.

    Contact Petr here, as I am sure he can give you more details to their network overhaul.
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    From past and nowadays experiences is has been a pleasure to deal with them. A+!

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