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    ASP data transfer with IIS5

    How does everyone here deal with the fact that IIS does not log ASP data sent when ASP buffering is enabled?

    There has to be a way to determine bandwidth used for a site like this?


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    27 views in this forum and 7 in the technical forum and not 1 reply? ... well, except for this one!

    Does anyone run a IIS 5 server and monitor their clients websites for bandwidth used? If they go over you charge them right?

    OK. what about those sites that have ASP buffering enabled. How do you monitor bandwidth for those sites?

    Maybe many of here are just not aware? Try it and you will see or simply look at a IIS log file where you know buffering is enabled. BTW ASP buffering is enabled by default with IIS 5. You will see that for all ASP files IIS reports the data sent as 0

    For small sites this is not a problem. For big sites, you could be loosing. Example: I am hosting a site that does about 15GB a month, but this does not include the ASP files. I estimate about 10GB for the ASP files...... The problem you can only charge to the client what can be proven. So, I have to eat that 10GB.

    Is this just common knowledge with web hosts and you just accept the fact?

    Any help would really be appreciated.


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