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I have bought this package two days ago and I must say that is a very good service. The speed of the sites is very good.
I must say that the server is very fast and the cPanel is easy to use. A very good service for this price.
Ordered package....
Really Nice and Quick Server...

ihave hosted my site in proxyhost.info till now i never faced problem
good proxy host.
So this is our plans-

Plan name-standerd (unlimited domains)

Server country-Germany
Disk Space-2GB
Bandwidth-100GB Premium
Panel-Kloxo (LXadmin)
Price- $3 a month recurring (after our 7 accounts gone the price will be $5 a month)
Order here-http://proxyhost.info/mod.php?mod=orders&ord_prod_id=2

Plan name-Advanced

Server country-Germany
Disk Space-4GB
Bandwidth-200GB Premium
Panel-Kloxo (LXadmin)
Price- $5 a month
Order here-http://proxyhost.info/mod.php?mod=orders&ord_prod_id=3

Plan name-proxy Ultimate
Server country-Germany
Domains- Unlimited
Disk Space-10GB
Bandwidth-500GB Premium
Panel-Kloxo (LXadmin)
384MB RAM dedicated for each user and 1GB burstable
Cost- $10 monthly
Order here -

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