I have a portal page with links to multiple systems behind. It just a one page website, but that page is getting like 100K visitors per day. The counters at the bottom are real!

If you'll put keyword like hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. in Google it will charge you $15 - $20 per click.

I've put one banner ad on the site and from nothing the site got 1000 visitors in one day.

If you'll come up with a specific and a good banner ad, we will let you to put it on that page and we will charge you ONLY for the visitors that will click on the banner ad and will take a look ah your site. Your dream about traffic could become reality in one day!

We are charging between $.50 and $1 per very qualified click/visitor - you can come up with a banner ad like "VPS server for $9.99" - whoever will click on the ad will be interested in this specific plan and likely will purchase it.

You can prepay any number of visitors and if you will not be happy just simple will not recharge your account - no contracts or monthly fees, etc.!

It is a great tool to check out your plans, because if you have a visitor, he/she sees the plans and still not purchasing them - it is time to change them - and then you can repeat everything again.

Our minimum is $500 to prepay, but we are running promotion - you can start with as low as $100 for 100 visitors!

Please contact with us at [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-59-TULIX

Please make a reference to the post at WHT.