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    Exclamation Anyone got a Mic?

    Ventrilo? Skype ? Teamspeak? Msn?

    Add me on any, just shoot me a pm or reply here, I want to talk to some of you web developers as I am a professional Web Developer from the UK And I really want to chat with some nice fella's here.

    I usally use Ventrilo and Skype if u have.... MSN MIC Chatting is slow, and Teamspeak is alright. lol

    Thanks ~

    - monkuar

    Tell me ur ventrilo info and I'll come in as ign : "Monkuar"

    I wanna talk, lol!

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    I havent used vent since 02' when I still had time for CS. As well, my knowledge of web development is truly elementary.
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    Doesn't have to be Web Design bro! It could be about nething. IM just bored looking to talk to some web people atleast u know how to use a forum.. and have ur own Limestone company good work see.not that bad! Do u got Skype vent ? want me to giv u vent info for u to come in? lol

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