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    Lightbulb Swapping space for backups of server data!

    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-SUMMARY: Swapping space for backups of server data!

    Hey All,

    We are currently running a server with Rack Shack and are hosting a handful of client’s sites, along with a few start up projects still in the making.

    We are looking to partner with another hosting provider (preferably not with rackshack – for disaster recover reasons) with view to setting up a win-win backup solution between the two servers….

    Rather than renting a second server as a backup server or buying space with some other provider I am seeking to find a couple (at least 1) fellow server owners who would like to run regular backups of data between our two servers… Maybe using RYSNC or just a CRON to TAR and WGET files across on a daily basis.

    We are only looking for around 500MB of space and are looking to build a friendly win win solution with someone out there!

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys soon and having a chat!

    Kindest Regards

    p.s. thank you Web Hosting Talk Forums! It has been great reading these posts and getting involved in these discussions! Thanks for the service…

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    Our server details:

    COMPAQ DL320 – From Rackshack
    Ensim WEBppliance 3.1
    Intel Pentium III 1GHz
    512MB RAM
    40 GB Hard Drive / 7200 RPM
    400GB Monthly Transfer
    RedHat Linux 7.2
    * load on the server is pretty much always around 0.00
    * only hosting a small amount of low traffic sites at the moment

    =- =-=-=-=-=--=-=-=

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    I have a server with serverbeach (, and would be interested in this.

    I Have far less than 500meg data at the moment, but this will grow as i expand

    let me know if this is of interest.


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    i forgot, server details:

    AMD 1 Ghz – From Serverbeach
    Plesk v5
    512MB RAM
    60 GB Hard Drive
    400GB Monthly Transfer
    RedHat Linux 7.3

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