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    PAIX - Dedicated Servers


    I am trying to find a company that provides Dedicated servers in PAIX, We are an Australian company so PAIX is the quickest DC from Australia around 170ms, most other Dc's are 200ms+

    Look forward to your replies.


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    PAIX is not a data center, PAIX is a peering exchange, run by colocation provider Switch & Data.
    You are looking for a provider that connects to PAIX therefore more likely...
    But be careful, as that means nothing, as you do not know how far the servers are from the PAIX some take transport to connect to PAIX.
    Also, there are multiple PAIX locations throughout the US, so if you are in Australia, connecting to PAIX NY/VA does not help you. You specifically want PAIX Palo Alto or Seattle probably...
    Also, just because a provider connects to PAIX, does not mean they have peering with the specific ISP you want, as all providers have to make peering arrangements with individual PAIX participants individually.
    There are also other popular peering exchanges on the US West Coast, which have many of the same peers invloved as PAIX, such as the Any2 exchange.

    I would advise you figuring out the route that the provider you like current rides PAIX across to get to you, and search for servers utilizing that route specifically...


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    Thanks for you reply, I currently have servers with you for my US customers but get roughly 290ms to you from Australia, so was looking for a host sub 200ms for my Australian customers who want the cost of a US server.



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    not all the high pings is caused by distance, most of the time, it's cause by some transfer station, you'd better contact your isp and ask them to have a check of it which would improve your pings a lot.

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