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    LiquidWeb vs. Other Dedicated Hosts

    Hi, I have worked really hard on a web site, and want to find the best dedicated host. I know that it varies based on the situation. I am willing to pay more. I just want to know that it will work (be functional, "up", and as quick as a user would expect), and that they will try their best to solve any problems that arise promptly.

    My site doesn't do anything out of the oridinary. Just some interaction with Mysql database. Some pages have as many as 10 or 11 queries. I hope (and I guess expect) to have a lot of visitors.

    I have researched fairly much, and it seems that LiquidWeb is pretty much the consensus in light of the goals that I mentioned. Are there any other strong candidates? Do you agree or disagree with my statement that LiquidWeb is currently the consensus choice for best managed dedicated server host?

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    LiquidWeb is excellent. Today they announced:

    From: [email protected]
    Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 5:53 PM
    Subject: Liquid Web Adds Network Point of Presence in Chicago. - Doubled Bandwidth Allocations For All Current Clients!

    Liquid Web has completed a significant upgrade to its network capacity and core infrastructure which has greatly enhanced its ability to efficiently serve high volumes of bandwidth. Contained within the now-completed project are a number of 10 gigabit Internet circuit activations, along with expansions into Chicago with a new network point of presence.

    With the efficiencies gained and to support the growth and success of its valued client base, Liquid Web has doubled bandwidth allocations for clients with Managed Dedicated, VPS servers, and Shared Hosting services effective immediately, at no additional cost to our customers.

    Liquid Web has also doubled bandwidth allocations on all new product offerings including Managed VPS, and Managed Dedicated Server products. Visit for further information and pricing.


    The Liquid Web Heroic Support Team

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    I'm sure there are other good choices for a managed dedicated server but I've been with Liquid Web for two years and am very satisfied. I had a VPS with them and upgraded to a dedicated server about 9 months ago. The server has been up 100% so far and is very fast. I haven't needed much support since everything's running so well but the few times I called them they were very helpful and resolved the issue right away.

    They're support with my VPS was excellent. I didn't know anything about servers but they walked me through everything and bent over backwards to help me get going as well as quickly resolving any issues that occurred for the duration of my VPS.
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    Just to add, I have called them asking them for assistance with things that IMO are outside of what I would even expect them to support, to help me build a support case against a 3rd party --- The VPS I had was involved, but in no way causing the issues --- Even then they were more than willing to help me out --- I have had some odd request into them, and never once have I ever had to wait for assistance.

    I have been running them for a few years, the only down time that I have experienced has been caused by me. I know that I have a VPS and not dedicated, but I think it shows stability in their datacenters (of which I have had systems in both, although both of my current ones are in DC 2) and the support is going to be the same.
    Liquid Web VPS Customer for years --- Worth every extra penny spent.

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    This company is so good no other poster that belongs to some other network comes to talk about them. That's how good they are. They don't want to give any props to this company.

    I have never had one down time with them...never! 1.5+ year.

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