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  1. #1 Anyone use them?

    I am inserted to find out if anyone is using one of dedicated servers? And how happy you are with them?

    I have looked around for recent reviews and there really aren't any.

    I am interested in moving to them with in the 45 - 60 days as my bandwidth needs are increasing daily. I currently have 10TB of bandwidth and in the next 90 - 120 days I will be approaching that limit.

    I was looking at them because they offer 10TB standard, then 15TB and 20TB upgrade options, aswell as 100 Mbps and 200 Mbps. With them I can slowly upgrade with out having to dump a bunch of money on a 100 mbps connection right away.

    I was with them for about a week in april of 2008 and it was absolutely horrid. There was 0 support, and the network really sucked. At times I would only get about 40 KB/s download speed.

    I am willing to go with them again based on the improvements to there network that I have seen, using there test file I am now able to get over 1 MB/s download speed. So someone is there doing something.

    I run a large file hosting site with over 100,000 downloads per day and I really can't have problems because of a host.

    So if anyone who has a server there with them could tell me how they like it now, and how the support is, that would be great.

    Also is anyone able to go over anything other then cogent to them? Every single trace I have ran its always over cogent. They say they have other providers, (AT&T, Sprirt, MCI, CogentCo, SilverStar Telcom, Stephouse Networks) but I have yet to see them. And I've done about 50 traceroutes from all over the world.


    EDIT: Also how accurate is this because 2300 minutes of downtime in a month is a lot. - Fast Reliable File Hosting

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    I have a vps with them, The owner is a really nice guy!
    They just upgraded routers through out their network about two days ago. It is a great company, They are also working on increasing their network compacity and working on bringing in more carriers.

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    I have a VPS with them - good for high bandwidth stuff I guess.

    Pingdom says 13h19m down in last 3 months, support (aka Edward) always responds fast.

    IIRC I've gotten outbound routes over Silver/Step/Cogent

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    I've got a few servers located there - but I havn't been pushing bandwidth unfortunately.

    Network is quite stable and they are very down to earth.

    I would contact them about actually pushing 20TB so that you can get piece of mind with your growing business. - VPS Control Panel
    Automating and monitoring your hosting business.

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    Im sure Edward could work somthing out with you

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