If you're interested in advertising your website, product, company etc., then pm me or post your reply here with details of your banner & place where you want your banner on our site[size, type etc.].

Price will be according to duration, place & size of banner. More days you want to advertise, lesser the price. Reply here/PM if you are interested.

Only 3 spots available for this month. So reply fast if you're interested.

Minimum duration: 5days.

This month's report:

Search Engines(78.42%)
Direct Traffic(11.95%)
Referring Sites(9.63%)

Google PR3

57,186 Visits
49,328 Absolute Unique Visitors
150,868 Pageviews
2.64 Average Pageviews
00:02:23 Time on Site
84.05% New Visits

Alexa Rank : 200,000
Total users: 35,000+
Daily registration : 60-100+
Daily visits : 2000-4000
Daily login : 200-500
Online users : 200-2000 at a time

Traffic source: Major from US and India, then UK, Canada, China, Arab country etc. See image for details.

Post here/PM me if you're interested.