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    UK Site Hosted in US

    Hi, I am new to these forums.

    I am currently looking for a dedicated server deal and as with most things it appears to be cheaper in US than in UK. However the site will be for the UK Market so I suspect 90% of traffic will come from UK.

    What sort of performance hit are we likely to take if we base the server in US rather than UK.

    Also is there an FAQ for this forum as I have several basic questions that must have been asked many times before.



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    Performance will be lower than if you were to get a dedicated server in the UK, if most of your providers will be accessing from the UK, and the sort of performance you get in the US will depend on what provider / network you get one with.

    Unfortunately i don't think there is an FAQ on here, but post some of your questions im sure people here will be more than willing to help.

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    As long as you choose a good US datacentre, with good connectivity, then in our experience performance from the UK of sites hosted in the US is very good -- in terms of the performance of typical websites.

    I know there are some excellent UK datacentres, but it seems that the average US one is better quality than the average UK one (in terms of design, equipment, connectivity...).

    Don't read too much into ping times, BTW, they are just one fairly poor indicator of overall performance.

    Definitely do your homework on choosing a dedicated server provider: there are some truly superb ones and there are some who ought not to be in business. Hang out here a while and you will soon see who's good.
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