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    Any experiences with

    Does anyone have any experiences with

    I want to order their unmetered server.

    Can't search their info when I type or ServerOutSource. Just don't know why.

    Any comments are welcome.

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    Hi Maxbear,

    I have two servers with Serveroutsource, one since July and one just online last week. I'm quite pleased with the first one, as you might guess since I just bought a second one.

    They had some problems when wholesale colo went under with having to reassign IPs back in August. That bit wasn't any fun.

    They have pricing competitive with rackshack, but a small-company feel. I needed to install a custom kernel, so David was in the data center on Saturday to look at the console and report the error messages when I couldn't get it to boot.

    Back in July, David also bailed me out when I managed to block myself from connecting to the server while tweaking iptables, and otherwise saved me from my own stupidity several times without doing an OS restore. I wonder if a larger company might have insisted on doing the OS restore?

    The first server (AMD Duron 1GHz/1GB memory) has been very stable. 75 days uptime and counting. It was down last for a memory upgrade. The second server is up and running smoothly, although it's too soon to make any reports about performance.

    During the last two months, there have been two times when I couldn't connect to the server. One was a DDOS attack that took out a whole block of servers for about an hour or two, the other was Cogent upgrading a router during their maintenance window. (I think the Cogent thing was before SrvOutSource got some new bandwidth providers....) I'm on value bandwidth, so I guess you get what you pay for. I feel like I'm getting good value for my money, and I'll be over the moon if the new bandwidth mix improves the network performance a bit.

    Hope that helps!


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