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    CEO Electronic Box Inc


    small introduction to me and Electronic Box Inc.

    About me ?

    I am the co-founder and CEO of Electronic Box Inc. I hold a bachelor degree in Management of Information System. I have 12 years of experience mainly in management.

    About my company, What we do ?

    We are a small sized high standards Internet Service provider based in Canada

    We are providing ADSL and Cable based connectivity for residential customers and/or small business. Our product portfolio include but is not limited to:

    - VoIP Residential / WholeSale
    - MPLS Private Network
    - Internet Connectivity
    - Web Hosting
    - Colocation (new)

    Our Autonomous System is AS1403
    Our company current size is of 8 employees + we have permanent subcontractors

    In 2009, we have been voted in the top3 best internet provider of Canada.

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    Groovy! Welcome to WHT

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    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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