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    [One Month Review] CPC Technologies

    This is my one month review of CPC Technologies

    Well actually getting closer to two months now. And so far it has been smooth, the network has been up 100% of the time so far. I would assume in part due to their Dual 6500 series routers with redundant gigabit providers fed into them.

    James (the owner of CPC) was even so kind as to meet me our there the first day as I had decided to drive up to Dallas and install our gear myself. I made it a mini-vacation with my wife so it was fun. I am actually taking a trip up there again this weekend.

    CPC is housed in the Colo4Dallas facility in none other than Dallas TX. But you may have known that already.

    Overall Recap:
    - Solid Network Uptime
    - Great Deal on a full Cabinet
    - James is great help, naturally his Cisco and networking knowledge greatly exceeds that of my own. I no longer think I'm awesome with my 2950 switch.
    - I've already had to call once at 6AM and he did not even flinch. Got me all set with some hands on tech support. This was my fault anyway, I forgot to send up my Lantronix Spider. But in 30-45 minutes I was up and running again. So that rocks my socks off and keeps my clients happy.

    If I think of anything else I'll post it as I usually do in my living reviews. If anybody has any questions or if I missed anything let me know. The fact that he operates out of the Colo4Dallas facility is a huge huge plus. Because C4D already rocks by itself, but with CPC it makes it even easier to deal with anything that comes up.

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    Nice review, keep it updating
    IPStrada When uptime counts.
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    Do they have a cage with colo4dallas or a separate facility? I think they are better than many others at least of because they have their own network and redundant BGP connections.
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    They have several cages as well as few full cabs outside of those cages. Yes their own private network/redundant BGP etc. is what makes it all sorts of groovy. Naturally I'm a fan of Cisco, so naturally that's what CPC uses as well. There is a special place in my heart for other gear, I'm just partial to Cisco.

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    Nice review Mike.

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    Thanks for the review. I have seen their links floating around but have not heard anything bad at all about them. This will be enough for me. I will probably shoot them an e-mail now for a dedicated server!

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    Talked with James several times, was very professional and handled everyone of my questions on the spot. Great guys it seems so far!

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