We have some great shoutcast offers at the moment for you good folks this week.

We are streaming experts running our own online station 24/7 means we are always on top of any problems before they effect customers. We provide reliable professional hosting for people who take pride in the service they offer. Like us...

First the plans on our website.

All Plans come with;
  • Easy Web-Based Stream Configuration - All clients get access to a Centova Cast Control Panel to manage their streams.
  • One all inclusive price - With no setup fees or hidden costs (including bandwidth) you will have no nasty surprises.
  • Full Live Stats, History and Reports Section including a Google Map showing listeners online..
  • A stream 'start page' showing your visitors what songs are playing, a request a track feature, and lots more..
  • Royalty Reporting feature - Download a spreadsheet of tracks played to help with royalty reporting.

32 kbps Steams
  • 10 slots @ 8.00
  • 20 slots @ 13.00
  • 40 slots @ 18.00
  • 60 slots @ 23.00
  • 100 slots @ 33.00

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64 kbps Steams
  • 10 slots @ 11.00
  • 20 slots @ 16.00
  • 40 slots @ 21.00
  • 60 slots @ 26.00
  • 100 slots @ 36.00

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128 kbps Steams
  • 10 slots @ 15.00
  • 20 slots @ 20.00
  • 40 slots @ 25.00
  • 60 slots @ 30.00
  • 100 slots @ 40.00

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Now for WHT deals.

Use code 'WHT-8y3hn6nb' on any of these plans to get 50% off for the life of your stream account.

For a limited time only, all clients will get a hosting account on a seperate server included FREE! More details of the Free Hosting Account

If you have any questions please get in touch with us here or check out our Support Zone where you will find most questions have already been answered.

NOTE: We keep our server network safe and secure, to do this we carry out fraud screening on every order. This can sometimes increase the setup times from a few minutes too a couple of hours. You need to make sure that your details are correct, as we may need to contact you before we can provision your account.