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    * Lowest Hosting Down- Hardware failure with Server 25...

    We have detected hardware failure with server25.
    We are replacing the faulty hardware.

    Last night at 11:00 pm they told me in 20 minutes it would be up.

    This morning it was still down.. Now they say...
    Estimated time for completion: 5-6 hours.

    I hope to God this isn't going to be like last years problems that are posted on this board...

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    It's All Good...

    LH handled the problem and got the server up and running!!

    Big thumbs up for them..

    When the site went down, I goggled LH down and was directed to this board from a prior thread from last year when it crashed..
    LH got spanked for lack of communication and time it took to get it up and running again.
    After reading that this morning, I was a bit concerned this time.

    So Great Job LH on communication and getting the system up and running again!!

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