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    dumb tutorial videos

    Ok, this has been bugging me a lot lately and I am courious if anyone else feels the same way.

    I am getting sick of all these needless and dumb tutorial videos that people post. Not just google ones, but other places too. Are people feeling that the population is getting so dumb that they must have a video to demonstrate something? I am not even talking about something complicated.

    I especially feel this way because I am trying to do some stuff in flash recently and every tutorial I seem to find is a video.

    I also like to cook and when making something new I try to find a few different receipies. Also AOL offers a few recepie things a day and if I like it, even though I know better, I will click it. And of course it ends up being a video. Want the receipe? You have to listen for it because they are not just going to give you simple directions and a list of ingredients. You have to watch how its made and hope they even give you the list(many just say the words).

    No, I do not need a 5 minute video tutorial on how to roll out pretzel dough or how to stuff fresh ravioli dough with filling. Really its ok. Just tell me in about 20 WRITTEN words what to do.

    Here are some reasons why its annoying.
    1. Quite a few are just bad quality. Meaning if you want to see some detail, you cant. While some people do very good ones and zoom in, etc. But for the most part I see crap.

    Example: when someone demonstrates what to click on on a program and they go through the menus that are small and blury you can not see what they did.

    2. They are hard to follow. You would think at times a video would be nice and easy to do exactly what the person does, but then you have to pause, do it and hope its right. If not you have to scan back again and again because you can not tell what they are doing.

    3. Its hard to figure out if this six minute video explains what you want without wasting the time to watch the whole thing. And you cant scan it because you might miss the one small part that explains what they are going to do.

    One of my favorite examples was after a firefox upgrade the other month, I needed to backup my bookmarks. I forgot how to do this(I tend to look under tools for this first and never find it) and decided to quickly google it. First up listed was a video on how to do it. But luckly they also listed in the description the first important step written in words. Bookmarks>Organize Bookmarks. Then Import and Export.

    I was saved from another pointless video...for now

    Ok, my rant is done. I could go on, but this is long enough. Now excuse me while I finish the first installment of my new video "How to get dressed in the morning after a shower Part 1: The Towel Comes Off."
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    Chill dude... People are not getting dumb its alot easier to just watch a five minute video.. and get shown what to do... then try to cypher at 20 minutes of instructions in arial size 4 text...

    "How to get dressed in the morning after a shower Part 1: The Towel Comes Off."
    Care to link to the video once its done rofl joking...
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    My complaint is not against good ones, or ones explaining complicated tasks. Im talking more about the easy ones that can be explained simply. I am overreacting, but it has been building up for quite some time

    On another note.
    You can have a link. But I must ask if you get stuck on the same part as I did for many months. My jeans would not go up my legs at all and I was so confused. Turns out my wifes jeans are a different size and I have to put my own on. Dont worry though, my video will bare all
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    Ingrediant and procedures.. No video tutorials. LOL

    But I'm coming for dinner.
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