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    Information of donation tab and make charity site making

    Hello everyone.

    I want to discuss you some thing regarding one of domain hosting. This domain will make as charity that mean in this site “donation’ tab will also place.

    So my question is which requirement are for my site

    I know following requirement.

    1)Dedicated Ip
    2)SSl cert.

    I want to make donation site like follows.

    Please explain in details us know which requirements are necessary for this type of site.

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    If you use PayPal donation links, you won't need a dedicated IP/SSL cert.

    Just a paypal account and generate a donate link.

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    Ok fine, If i use paypal link, from that link costumer will able to donate through all way means credit care debit card ?

    What is the process of creating paypal account ?

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    Go to PayPal's website and check whether they deliver merchant services in your country. The sign up for PErsonal, Premier or Business account and once ready go to appropriate section to get a code that you will have to place in your web pages.
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    If i choose Paypal then Donator will donate through all way means credit card debit card ?

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    Some one have any idea?

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    What about using something like Pledgie?

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    I didn't heard about Pledgie . Could you please explain in more details.

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