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    Any commercial antivirus with GUI?

    Hi All,

    I am new to Linux, I have a remote server and I really do not like the command line principle when I scan the files with an antivirus.
    I downloaded kapersky linux file server, it has no GUI, so forget it
    same with AVG, I do not want to use Clamav , do you know another file server antivirus with GUI?

    Shall I isntall a normal linux commercial antivirus on my server or does it have to be 100% a file server antivirus? I am only hosting 1 website on my dedicated server but the users will upload a ton of files.
    Thank you


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    Have a look on Norton and M/Cafee they seems good option.
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    ok thanks,

    I just ocntacted escan and with my luck my server os is not compatible with their scanner...I will look now in to norton and mcafee,...I am teling you,when you are new to Linux ,a GUI is way better :-)

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    I dont get it, I have been on all the possible antiviruses commercial website and cannot work out which version to download for my server, I have:
    CENTOS 5.3 i686 standard (this is Red Hat I think) and my kernel version is:
    2.6.18-128.1.6.el5PAE #1 SMP Wed Apr 1 10:02:22 EDT 2009 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

    Please help, I haven't got a clue about which type of GUI antivirus I can download, I am lost between centos,red hat,unbuntu and all the other names,,,I really need some help please.

    Thank you,


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    After scratching my head for 5 days I have not find a single antivirus for Linux with a GUI, I have install Antivir,no GUI, Escan no GUI for my CENTOS OS, Mc Affee No GUI, Norton I cannot find anything about Linux file server GUI or just File server antivirus, Clamav hasn't got a backround scanning process, Avast has no GUI, AVG EITHER.........

    Please if you know a single Linux file server antivirus,even premium I could download for my OS let me know, I am new to Linux and I do not like the command scanners, I prefer the GUI.

    Thank you All,


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    I am going to have a look at it now.


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    I am on the SOPHOS website now, could you please let me know where you have seen a GUI for Linux file server please?

    Thank you


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    It's clearly stated on the link I've given above:

    Deploy quickly on Linux-only networks with Red Hat Package Manager, and configure and update, as often as every 10 minutes, either remotely through a web GUI or the command line interface
    Some review from blogs:


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    ok let me see it again....tx

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