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    Charging customers for hosting/other services

    What is the best way to charge customers for their services

    I want them to fill out a form of where they live, name, phone number, email, the plan they want, stuff like that...

    I want to have a record of every customer that fills out a form. Then, I want them to go to a new forum that lets them choose method of payment, i.e. credit card, paypal, online check.... I also want a record (that attaches to the other record) of whether or not they paid.. and if they did, how much, and how long (1 month or 1year)

    I want all these records just for bookkeeping purposes and stuff...

    What is the best/most effecient way to go about this?

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    We use mySQL database for storing our clients info and HostCharge for CC payments. There is lots of software packages that offer that sort of service.
    - etc.

    Regards, Pavel

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