3Tera is having a new training seminar -- the Architect Bootcamp -- coming up in October.

This is a 3 day intensive training that covers all key aspects of building applications for the cloud on AppLogic. It goes over everything you can do with AppLogic - from provisioning and operating basic virtual servers, to using the ready, scalable application stacks, to designing completely custom architectures. In addition, it covers building new appliances. The seminar also addresses common application architecture topics such as fault tolerance and load balancing, SLA and automatic scaling policies, monitoring and more -- and how to add those using ready-to-use components in the AppLogic visual architecture editor.

For the first time details on the upcoming AppLogic API will be provided, as well as other methods for pro-grammatically controlling your cloud computing resources.

Below is a brief introduction. If there is one event you attend to the rest of the year, this one is worth it -- it covers so many of the things that we discussed on the 3Tera forums and in one-on-one training sessions.

Introduction: Cloud computing is revolutionizing IT and 3Tera is committed to help you leverage the cloud. The AppLogic Cloud Architect Boot Camp is an in-depth, 3-day program covering architectural concepts of the AppLogic cloud computing platform, as well as step-by-step procedures for deploying, operating and managing applications in the cloud. We’ll also be covering best practices for scaling and testing applications. The course material is applicable for both public and private cloud users.

Who Should Attend: We've created Architect Boot Camp specifically for System Architects, IT Operations Professionals, Application Developers and Systems Engineers responsible for the design, integration, provisioning, deployment and management of distributed applications.

Where: Fairview Park Marriott, Falls Church Virginia
When: October 6th-8th, 2009
Registration: http://3terabootcamp.eventbrite.com/.