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    Microsoft training Best Buy employees

    Well it seems shortly after Microsoft were so ready to claim they are helping the open source community, they have now released, to certain retailers in the US and the UK (including Best Buy and Staples), anti-GNU/Linux "training material".

    The slides are up on Arstechnica along with an article. The original leak came from a Best Buy employee who blogged it here.

    Thoughts? I think it's outrageous and some of it is blatant lying, although some things are correct (such as the Live software suite not working on Linux, but then there are plenty of free alternatives).

    One thing I found quite funny was Microsoft saying Windows came with free downloads, yeah, how about the entire operating system being free to download (legally)?


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    A defense for microsoft could be that what they say is true if the sales person needs to inform the customer of this. If a person does not know that WOW can run on linux, then they probably can not already do it.
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    The problem is, all of it is pushing the truth, some of it is just lying. If that were actually presented to consumers, Microsoft would be slapped with another fine (which is probably why it's only gone to shops for training purposes).

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