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    Thumbs up UKServers review

    I've been with them for 5 months and all I can say is excellent company.

    Ordered 5 months ago with their Dedicated-100 Plan, delayed but they notice me it will be up next day once the machine arrive to their dc. Next day, they still not get the machine and they promise to give me Dedicated-200 Plan server with same price of Dedicated-100 Plan.
    And , few hours later. I get the server and yes !! It is Dedicated-200 Plan server.
    What an unbelievable job they've done. Based on my experience since 2004. I never find any other company I dealt with offer me their best once they can't get me what I order.
    And the support wont let you down, they usually reply me within 15 mins and never more than 1 day.
    Taiwan Dedicated Server
    Taiwan, US, UK & Germany XEN Based VPS with RAID 10

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    their best once they can't get me what I order.
    I'm happy finally you get what you pay for
    Good luck

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    I've been with UKServers for some time and I have not had any issues.
    Support Tickets get answered/resolved quickly, the network is amoung the best I've used in the UK and the price isnt bad either!

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