Dear WHT members,

As stated in title, domain name is for sale! It is a premium domain name and perfect for European internet companies and/or selling internet related goods and services targeting European countries.

This is an auction sale and only four figure offers are welcome! Auction ends in September 30th, 23:59:59 GMT+0 and we will accept only wire transfer or a brand escrow service if there is a winning bid. The winner pays wire or escrow service fee.

The domain name has been recently acquired by 'E Ticaret ve Bilisim Teknolojileri' through a private auction in NameJet. For your information, 'E Ticaret ve Bilisim Teknolojileri' and is a limited liability company headquartered in Istanbul Turkey. The company's website is and is member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

Please note, the domain registration record created on 1996 and domain age is one of the key factor in search engines' (Google's) algoritm. An extra bonus!

Best regards,