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    RatePoint . Anyone ?

    Who here uses RatePoint ? I searched for ratepoint & rate point and came up with one thread regarding it.

    How well does it convert for you ? (new clients) It isn't very expensive $10/ Month. We are trying it out for the 30 day trail and it does look neat. If you don't use ratepoint you use anything similiar to it ?

    Thoughts ?

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    We use it, but it's hard to tell how many new clients come from it.
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    We use Ratepoint on a few websites, and it has worked well for us.

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    We use it but primarily for reviews and customer satisfaction.
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    We've used it for surveying and I think they're great. Much better priced as well.

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    We use them for 2.5 Years. It helps us to get reliable testimonials and solve problems causing customer frustrations. They definetely dispute tehre if they are unhappy. So you ca nsee the quality of your support there.
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    I do not think there is a point from it, as its 10$ a month for new starter on web hosting i do not recommenced them to use it.

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    I think are getting quite a lot of clients from WHT LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natcoweb View Post
    I think are getting quite a lot of clients from WHT LOL.
    What' so funny about that ? If you have a good product then you will get alot of business if you promote it through webhostingtalk.

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    We use ratepoint of course! If you are a reseller you also get a free account .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultima VPS View Post
    We use ratepoint of course! If you are a reseller you also get a free account .
    Good stuff

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