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    [For Hire] Web Designer

    I have been sick last few days so it has given me alot of extra time to do things and I finally ran out so I am looking to do some web design for one person.

    Basic Websites I Offer:
    1 Page Design:
    and another $10 for every additional page.

    Blogs I Offer:
    Index Page:
    Comment Page:
    I do include all inputs on the comment page from blockquote to videos and the comment form.

    If you wish for coding with your design, I charge $30 for the first page and $15 for additional pages. For wordpress integration I charge an additional: $25.

    Past Work:
    Past Client 1
    Past Client 2
    RemixCMS Admin Dashboard

    Please let me know if interested via PM or MSN as I may not notice a reply to this thread.

    ~ Abby

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    I recommend Randy, Excellent person, friend & designer!

    Good Luck

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    Do you code also?

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    Yes I code as well.
    $30 for the first page and $15 for other pages.
    ~ Abby

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    Ok, Do you got msn or aim to talk more. Im intrested

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    I have added you to MSN.
    ~ Abby

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