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    Complete Reseller Website Solution

    I have been reselling for a company for a year or so now and it is time to look for a complete website solution. Everything from signup to paypal/cc processing to an admin module. I am using a Win2k host that supports just about everything, but I am mainly looking for an ASP/AccessDB solution, until my host gets MSSQL installed and tested. We do not lease a server, but only resell the plans. Is there some software out there that we could install to allow us to do everything we are looking for? We would like to add our own plans, send out signup emails, etc... I've seen plenty of packages that install on a server and control everything, but we aren't quite that large yet and do not seek that kind of a solution. Help?

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    Look for a host that supports H-Sphere and has windows machines setup....

    sounds like it will do everything you need.

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