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    Need help Pricing!

    I have two items that I need to sell.

    One is a HPG2 w/Pentium 3 - with
    4 Gs RAM
    (2) 18. 2 G Hard Drives
    (2) 36.4 G Hard Drives
    (2) 146.8 G Hard Drives

    the other is a computer cabinet for the server to sit in that is 12U and has 4 fans.

    Any advice on how much I can sell for used? They are both in good condition.


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    They are pretty old indeed.
    I suggest a starting price of $100-200.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimhap View Post
    They are pretty old indeed.
    I suggest a starting price of $100-200.
    Quote Originally Posted by Barca View Post
    Well, I would suggest even lower starting price.
    Yeah lower is better. I bought something better then that for 70 a year back.
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    i would like but tell me ur price

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    Where are you located? Are you going to include free shipping? or charge the buyer?

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