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    Thumbs down 2Host: Another bad experience

    In one line: Sometimes you just barely get what you pay for...

    I had been a 2host client since June. Had no problems, it was stable and I was happy...

    That is until I get no answer from my VPS... tried login in, no answer. Tried the client interface, doesn't recognize my password. Ask for it to send it to me, that password still fails...

    So I send an email to support, and get the answer back:

    Your account was terminated due to non-payment.
    To which I found very odd, and I replied with the appropriate paypal subscription information...

    I'm still waiting for an answer on that... but in the mean time, I noticed that they actually canceled the subscription in paypal!

    So in any event, I've lost some time, put in a claim with paypal, and trying a new provider...

    So any other 2Host customer, do backups

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    Does your Paypal show payments from June to this month?

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    So either they have a problem on their side for tracking payments or with accounting...

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    I dont know where to begin with these scumbags 2host. I paid $85 to have a vpn server installed on there vps. Then subscribed to there vps so i would never be late. Imagine my suprise that after few months my VPS was suddenly deleted losing all my data without an over due notice!

    Then the support was slow and so extremely rude and nasty to me. They where horrible. The had deleted the vps over 3 weeks ago and I forgot I was still subscribed. There billing was completely messed up. Saw the subscription payment go through and demanded a refund as it had not even been on!

    Those lowlifes didnt even reply to me they are scum. AVOID 2 host they are scammers and thief.

    I will be taking further legal action against them for sure!

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    If there is a typical pattern with these types of hosts is the "I got this almost too good to be true deal on a VPS and it was fine for X months but now it sucks/deleted my files/disappeared/ate my cat/etc..."

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    I truly apologize for the inconvenience caused by our billing department. Can you please give me a chance to help you with refund/compensation for the trouble you have seen? Please send an email to support, and mention my name (Henry B) in the subject. Thank you! - Premium Services At Guaranteed Prices!
    ∞ Premium 10Gbps Dedicated Servers & Colocation
    24x7 Premium Support - Premium Bandwidth - Premium Datacenters
    ∞ Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands / San Jose CA, United States

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    Doesn't PayPal send you an email whenever the merchant cancels your subscription? Just wondering.

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