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Thread: Bastille?

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    It seems my new dedicated server's IP addresses have been in use by a chineese hosting company and they have had many adult sites on their server. (I did a search on google for the IP address).

    To prevent future problems I am going to install a firewall on it.
    I want to know your opinion about Bastille (it seems it is easier to configure IPTables with that).

    Have you used it for a long time without problem? Someone told me that his server goes off every week after he has installed it.

    I am using Ensim 3.1.1 on this dedicated.


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    Bastille is good but nothing beats configuring and securing your server by hand because then you know exactly what you did and can fix any problems that arise. Bastille can also instill a false sense of security so just make sure that if you do choose to install it to understand that security is a constant and on going process

    Good luck with your server

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