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    Do any offshore banks offer "insurance" on their deposits? (Like FDIC sort of ...)

    Does anyone know of any offshore banking institutions that have "deposit insurance"?

    For example, in the USA there is the "Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)", which guarantees you will not lose your money (up to a certain amount) even if the bank fails.

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    it depend which country you are thinking about, a lot of them do not have insurance like FDIC
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    Most countries in the OECD do. If you're wondering which countries they are, go to oecd [dot] org. I can't post links yet.

    Australia only has insurance for the next 3 years and New Zealand has only recently introduced regulation.

    Also... there's a wiki. Just search for deposit insurance on wikipedia. Again, i can't post the direct link.

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    The major banks in many offshore jurisdictions have an insurance as well as low tax countries like Cyprus.

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    Good question to ask when US dollar is currently in trouble til our government sits down with payback plans.
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    India has insurance from RBI

    I think this is limited to only nationalized banks (government run enterprises).

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    Is it generally regarded that FDIC is the best insurance for funds...? (in terms of U.S. versus other nations' insurance options)

    e.g. Is FDIC the current 'gold standard'?

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