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    Hi i am looking at a dedicated server from rackforce. Would anyone be able to tell me what there like with adult sites. I emailed them but didnt get a yes or no answer instead i was sent to there accepable use policy which doesnt really give me a yes or no either it is pretty vague as are most acceptable use polices {this is nothing against rackforce its just the times we live in , nobody needs to be shutdown or sued,lol}. If its a yes i would love to go with them they seem to be top notch with support and ive only really heard good reports of them.
    Thanx in advance

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    Damn i cant belive i posted this in the wrong forum, i dont sem to ba able to delete it either,lol Could somebody move it for me to the dedicated server forum?, Please

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    lol.. was about to say welcome to the forums, then realised you been registered longer than me (3 posts!!!)
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    As long as your content is legal, they don't care about adult sites.
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    Thanks UH-Matt and skelley1 for the welcome and the advise

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    Do you host porn sites.....
    whats url of your co.

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    Lol actually im just about to launch my first adult site. Not up yet though

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