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    I have a VPS from bigvps that has been down since Sept 1st due to 'power supply failure' that supposedley lead to disk corruption.

    On Sept 5th they claimed that they would work on getting my VPS runnign that evening.

    It is now the 16th, and not a word from tham since, they have stopped responding to my e-mails.

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    Oh my gosh! You have been waiting roughly 15 days for your VPS to get back online? As much as you do not want to hear this... but, I think it's safe to say your not getting your VPS back. I'm unable to ping or do a whois on the domain ''. Perhaps has representatives or other clients in WHT who are able to shine light on the situation. Best of luck to you. I hope it works out.

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    grr, typo. Meant

    This is all after the 25 days outage in May

    All my databases are backuped up on their 'backup server' which I have not been granted access to.

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    Would you like me to PM you Ray's #? Not sure if it's still active... though.

    /are you sure it was still online on August 28th/29th?
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