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    While transfering a domain, what does "Auto Verification" mean ?

    I am really new with reseller hosting, currently I have a reseller account with hostgator and I got an eNom account with the package.

    Now I need to transfer a domain into my account and I followed all the steps required by eNom to do that including submitting the domain name and the verification code but it is been more than 48 hrs and the status of the order still saying:

    "Transfer in Process - Acquiring Current Whois for Transfer Verification"

    what does this mean? how long should I wait for transferring a domain ?

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    Auto Verification manes they automatically send an email to the current registrant for them to reply it's ok to transfer.

    "Transfer in Process - Acquiring Current Whois for Transfer Verification"
    This means they received the request, and are awaiting the current registrar to give them the contact information. Some registrars are slow to respond, but if it goes beyond 3-4 days, you might want to cancel and start again.
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