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    Question about PHP on Windows server

    I'm about to deploy a site that needs ASP for the main application, but my client would like to use phpBB for their forum. I initially thought we'd have to get two hosts, one Windows and one Linux. But in doing some research, I see that some Windows hosting providers also provide PHP, and I am aware that PHP can be installed to run on IIS. My question is: is PHP under Windows any different that PHP under Linux? Are there any weird work-arounds that have to be dealt with? Or is it simple and straight-forward?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Just install and the PHP will run itself, very straight forward steps.

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    99% of the time, there will be no issues with PHP running on Windows or Linux - exception here is about some packages which are specifically designed for *nix environment and requires some kind of tweaking to have them execute properly in Windows environment. In any case, I'd recommend you to use php under FastCGI (rather than CGI or ISAPI) since FastCGI has some great performance benefits.
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    To use PHP on windows is not smooth compared to Linux. By using IIS on windows you can easily run PHP via FastCGI, CGI and ISAPI.
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