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    Arrow ## Colocated Dual Xeon 2.4HT 4GB RAM RAID1/0 15k SCSI cPanel 10 unmetered/100 3TB ##

    Hello all,

    This is a server owned by me and colocated at the VolumeDrive DC (PA, USA) private rackspace. I do not need this myself anymore so looking to rent it out on month-to-month basis.

    Very stable box on CentOS and uptime of months! My personal experience...


    IBM X series 1U rack server
    Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz HT (2 physical/2 logical CPUs)
    4GB DDR Memeory
    2x73GB Seagate cheetah 15,000rpm SCSI disks
    RAID1 mirror (73GB)/RAID0 striped (146GB) - your choice!
    10Mbps unmetered OR 3TB on 100Mbps - your choice! (dedicated line)
    2 Free IP addresses
    FREE Remote reboot by email.
    FREE OS reloads and minor support from VolumeDrive staff!
    Recommended OS: CentOS5 (guaranteed stable and preferred)

    At Only $80/month!
    Optional : cPanel license $25/month extra (license is ready!)
    Total with cPanel: $105/month

    Great box for your busy websites or forum!

    NO SETUP FEE, MONTHLY PAYMENT - Verified Paypal Preferred.

    Test IP & File (can go down due to reformat)

    If you're looking for a tried and tested stable box, this is it!


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    Still available...

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